Laura Mason reviews the Samsonite children’s range to see if this well known brand can live up to expectations for her little travellers…


While adults have been toting beautiful Samsonite bags for years, lesser known is its illustrious children’s range.  Presenting an ever-expanding collection of collaborations with big named brands from the likes of Disney and Barbie, the stylish children’s range is filled with both colour and fun…which makes sense as the last thing they’re off to is a boring business trip!

Pioneers in luxury travel luggage, Samsonite’s children’s range comprises of charming school backpacks, toddler ride-ons and suitcases.  As you expect from a premium product, the cases are carefully crafted with premium materials, and from previous experience I can testify that their hard and soft shell suitcases easily withstand the test of time (and manhandling) required to protect your worldly goods when it comes to travel.

Grace (aged 8) and Noah (aged 6) each chose a Spinner suitcase opting for a Marvel Iron Man and Disney Minnie Mouse design, a welcome move away from our black, plain cases that are really overdue an overhaul.  

The Disney Minnie Mouse design features an embellished signature Minnie-ear print paired with neon Minnie ears and bow, while the Marvel Avengers case ingeniously features a 3-D Iron Man outline that has the appearance of breaking out of the case.  With these unique designs, they are definite head turners and the cases are easy to spot on any carousel!



The Spinners are available in a range of sizes with the smaller size at 55cm just meeting requirements with most major airlines as very generous-sized hand luggage.  They also come in a larger size 65cm, perfect for children as they become more independent and can be used as their own main case for holidays and overnight trips.

Unlike many gimmicky products that jump on the bandwagon of the latest movies and trends, these cases are not all style over substance. 

The Spinner is a bestselling product from Samsonite that has evolved over the years to meet the needs of today’s travellers so you’ll find that it’s the little things such as the four wheels, a handy feature particularly for youngsters, that enables it to be pushed upright or at an angle depending on your preference.

The telescopic handle and ease of movement also ensures that the weight from the load transfers effectively to the functionality of the case so that even my 3yo toddler could push a full case with ease in any direction as it smoothly glides along the airport floor.


The lightweight hard-shells of the cases contain a strong element of flex that allows for the cases to really absorb impact, whether that’s from the kids bashing them about or the baggage handlers chucking them onto the carousel!  Additional defence is also prominent with corner protectors to shield the case from hotspots where bumps are more likely to occur.

On the outside there’s a super strong zip and combi padlock for added security.  Should you be heading stateside, the TSA are able to open the lock so don’t worry about any additional damage from security attempting to break into the case.   On the inside you will find lots of accessible compartments separated with zips and clips, a feature that helps children to logically think about the packing process if they’re brave enough to start going at it alone.


These are fantastic suitcases that have a lot of considered features for kids travel from the fun design that ultimately gets kids excited about travel, to the practicalities that make for a better and more efficient travel experience.  

The Disney Ultimate 2.0 Spinners (55cm) start from £110.  To view Samsonite’s full range of character designs, click here