In general, there are two types of holiday personalities. Firstly planners, who do everything way in advance, considering every detail of their trip, endlessly researching things to do in the area and creating a full itinerary. We absolutely applaud your thorough approach – you probably had the summer holidays sorted long ago and are now happily waiting for the long school holidays to begin.


Then there are those that act on the spur of the moment, when they feel the need for some time out and the spontaneity of a new experience. We love your spirit of adventure and joie de vivre and hope you have a summer of spontaneous fun ahead.

As a family, planning your travel and trips once you are constrained by the rigid holiday dates of the school calendar does become more challenging. The long summer break is something that brings delight and dread in equal measures; swapping the hectic pace of the daily routine for seven or eight weeks to fill up!



Discover the Jurassic Coast at Moonfleet Manor, find your perfect Cornish beaches at Fowey, bring your bikes, scooters and trikes and explore the 1800 acres of the Ickworth estate, pack a picnic and discover the hidden gems of the New Forest at New Park Manor and  enjoy good old fashioned play time in the gardens of Woolley Grange where there are trees to climb and dens to be made.


Luxury Family Hotels have special offers that wrap up exciting holidays for the long lead planners and fun last minute getaways for the impulsive bookers. Our hotels are perfectly positioned for family adventures.




School holidays are filled with planned activities in our Ofsted registered crèche facilities because we understand that whilst children always like to be busy, parents need a little bit of down time, especially when on holiday. With two hours of complimentary child care each day you will have plenty of free time to do as much or as little as you want; indulge in a pampering spa treatment, head off for a run or just enjoy some down time with a good book.

However you plan your summer, going away as a family allows everyone to re-set, re-charge and re think.

Enjoy the conversations you have and the things you do together whilst making happy memories that will last forever.