K- Beauty

Words by Jemma Slevin 

In a veritable hive of industry, South Korea is revolutionising the beauty industry – consistently delivering new, supercharged serums, essences and age-reversing treatments to ward against the ravages wrought by… living. In Korea, taking care of your skin is a way of life and deeply embedded in the culture. Skincare routines are drilled into young girls (and boys) from a young age and glowing, radiant skin is a sign of health and something worth investing significant time and money in. In fact, according to the BBC, South Korean women spend twice as much of their income on beauty products and make-up than their American counterparts.


Looking to Korea as the beating heart of beauty innovation, we’ve curated an exciting edit of the coolest K-Beauty cosmetics and skin care. Now just sit back, pour yourself a green tea and browse our Eastern beauty hall of fame.



This may look like a delicious green tea mochi, but it’s actually one of a range of Konjac Sponges.

The unique, net-like structure gently massages the skin to stimulate blood flow & cell turnover, while French Green Clay works to minimise breakouts and alleviate complexion congestion. Your skin will feel beautifully clean without any tightness and gradually become clearer, brighter and less spot-prone.

What’s more, each sponge is 100% natural, biodegradable and made from a sustainable source so you’re saving your skin and the planet!

www.konjacspongecompany.com £8.99




Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser is an eco-friendly face wash which removes makeup residue, dead skin cells and blackheads.

This cleanser is acid-balanced which means it will keep the skin moisturised even after cleansing. It contains low irritant exfoliating ingredients that smoothen the skin.

Hence, you can use it on the sensitive skin.

www.skinsider.co.uk £15.50




If you’re worried about the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, this serum will be your new best friend. Its formula includes one of the best ingredients for fighting signs of aging: marine collagen. What’s more, its concentration is much higher than in any other product you’ll find on the market – 90% to be precise!

This is the reason why you’ll get incredible results and improve your skin’s elasticity so soon after you start using it.

£26.90 www.notino.co.uk




This lotion by Benton is suitable for all skin types, especially for very sensitive ones. Its light texture makes it easy and comfortable to apply. It is formulated with natural ingredients that promote skin regeneration, such as snail extract, which makes it an excellent product to treat skin that has been damaged by external agents like pollution or temperature fluctuations.

Furthermore, it contains ingredients like bee venom – highly regarded in the cosmetic industry for its antiseptic properties – and other active principles such as niacinamide and adenosine, which soften and brighten the skin.

£23.00 www.lookfantastic.com



K- Beauty




CC Cream is already a makeup bag essential, and now the clever developers at Eborian have added CC Eye to the range. I’ve never experienced a cream like this and were so impressed by its magic qualities – At first glance the cream appears white, but upon application, this cream releases its CC pigments which adjust to your skin tone, to brighten the eye area and leave your eyes looking beautifully fresh.

Enriched with Centella asiatica, CC EYE moisturises the skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles, while its encapsulated pigments immediately help to hide dark circles and puffiness – just like a concealer. Rapidly, the eyes area feels moisturised and looks radiant, with a natural, perfect-looking finish. I’m hooked.

£34.00 uk.erborian.com





Enriched with SPF 25, CC HOMME is a complete, multi-purpose skincare product that draws on the expertise of Korean technology.

Its fine, non-oily formula offers imperceptible protection against environmental factors and helps to visibly reduce signs of fatigue and provide an instant “healthy glow” effect.

It moisturises and minimises the appearance of fine dehydration lines while smoothing and mattifying the skin. Guys will have skin that looks visibly stronger and smoother, with the complexion more even.


£29 uk.erborian.com