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With no doubt, the heart of the family home is the Kitchen. It also takes time and plenty of planning to create a kitchen that both looks beautiful and works beautifully.

So what are the key elements to the perfect design? Ashford Kitchens & Interiors share the latest trends that boast style and substance.

Bold Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are fast becoming the ‘wallpaper’ of kitchens. There are a huge choice of colours and printed options meaning you can have whatever pattern or even a photograph to really make a design statement. Not only do they look good but they reflect light, are really easy to keep clean and are made from toughened glass, making them an ideal option behind the hob. The best thing about glass splashbacks is that you don’t need a large area to make an impact. Just one small section behind your hob can be all it takes to complete your kitchen. 


Handle-less Kitchens

If you’re seeking a modern, minimalist look for your new kitchen then perhaps a handle-less door style which showcases clean lines and sleek design would be the perfect choice for you. There are various options on the market and to give you an idea Ashford kitchens offer four options to achieve this.  

The Inset Kitchen 

The principle of the inset door style is that doors and drawers are fitted with a cup on the reverse of the door front allowing them to be opened without the need for a protruding handle. This ensures a minimalist approach whilst maintaining soft close actions on doors and drawers.  

The Touch Kitchen 

Using a catch mechanism, touch system doors and drawers are opened simply by touch. Allowing you to create a completely handle free design creating a simple and stylish look. Often this system is combined with inset or other handled kitchens as its simplicity compliments other styles.  

The In Line Kitchen 

The third handle-less option, and by far the most popular. This door features an integrated ‘J-pull’ handle – called J-Pull due to the profile of the groove. Ashford kitchens’ In line door has been designed to be deeper than other versions of this door to provide more grip which is especially useful when opening integrated appliances.



Whilst increasing overall storage capacity is a common desire, more often than not we find that improving accessibility by employing one of the many internal mechanisms available further improves the use of the available storage.

There are many options to choose from, here are some of our favourite trending storage solutions.


Walk in Corner Larder & Corner Le Mans 

The perfect solution when negotiating a kitchen design around a difficult to access corner. This walk in larder features an abundance of accessible storage, including a full height wine rack.

The full height corner Le Mans storage system also provides easy access in a hard to reach area of the kitchen.

With 4 fully extending pull out shelves, this system provides the perfect solution for easy accessibility. 


Pan Drawers

No longer confined to just storing pans – these deep drawers make accessing your crockery, food, utensils and just about everything else a breeze. These drawers can hold up to 40kg and glide effortlessly to reveal exactly what you need. No more routing around at the back of the cupboard! 

A Place for Everything  

Bespoke integrated cutlery trays and dividers now come with metal covers to store those pesky cling film and kitchen foil rolls. Handy spice jars that fit perfectly and knife blocks that are safely concealed in the cutlery tray.   Removable oak storage boxes keep food packets and boxes organised and within easy reach. 


Colour Tips

When planning a new kitchen, the first choice you make is often your colour scheme. Along with texture and pattern, colour can be the difference between a kitchen you like, and a kitchen you love.  


  • Make sure your kitchen is well lit, either naturally or artificially to bring out the best of your chosen colour scheme. Pooky have a beautiful range of kitchen lamps to create a focal point above a kitchen island. 

  • Use accessories or artwork to introduce a burst of colour that can be easily changed as trends and your tastes develop over time. (Black and White prints such as these from work perfectly alongside interior plants and herbs.) 



  • Keep things simple. When using accent colours, less is more. As single accent can have much more of an impact than using two or three.  

  • Think about how different textures can provide you with contrasting or complimentary colours. For example, a textured wall tile will add more depth to your scheme than a simpler plain tile.   


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