Eton End lies in six acres of semi-wooded land between Datchet and Eton. Having been set up in 1936 to educate the children of Eton Masters, it is a school which successfully merges tradition with a forward thinking approach. The links with Eton College continue to this day and as a partnership school our pupils are given numerous opportunities to extend and enrich their learning.

The move to becoming a fully coeducational school is well underway and with teaching and learning at the heart of all they do, excellent academic results are achieved. Alongside this they also focus on Eton End’s ‘hidden’ curriculum. Encouraging the children to be resilient and to persevere, showing self-awareness and an ability to reflect on their progress is key.


Empathising with peers and encouraging others and, most importantly, learning to respect one another. A child’s character and personality is what will make them stand out from the crowd as an adult and at Eton End they strive to develop and nurture our pupils, encouraging them to be individuals.

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