Windsor Castle

Words by Jemma Slevin


Historical, educating and a whole lot of fun – Windsor Castle is the perfect place for a great family day out! A dedicated family team have made sure that families are wholeheartedly welcomed at this incredible castle and they have set up various tours and trials to make sure even the littlest person is included. For children aged between 7 – 11, there is the free family multimedia tour, where with your own handset, you can listed to Horace, a timeless tutor, and Tommy, his pupil, who are your guides. They’ll introduce you to the many magical characters who live at Windsor Castle, including Gilbert the Grotesque and Cyril, a Page of the Back Stairs. For slightly younger ones, aged from 5 – 11 there are free family trails to learn more about the castle, its history and its magnificent treasures. 

For those who just want to get on and explore, they will find that the State Apartments are a feast for the eyes. My kiddies were in awe of the fact that the real Queen had actually stood in these rooms as she entertains her guests from other royal dignitaries and politicians, and there is the grand reception room that is decorated in real gold! 

Touring the castle defenses was a lot of fun with my three boys where we found battlements, towers, arrow loops and murder holes, but the highlight of the day was seeing the colourful pomp and ceremony of the great British tradition, The Changing of the Guards.   

Living close to the castle means families can enjoy the family activities that are available every Saturday of the year. Check the website to see what’s on as there is bound to be something the family will love, my kiddies have enjoyed dressing up as knights, kings and queens and in the colder months,  listening to incredible tales next to a roaring fire in one of the grand rooms.  


At the end of your visit, don’t forget to ask a Warden to stamp your ticket and convert it into a 1-Year Pass to enjoy free re-admission for 12 months.