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Wills, Trusts & Probates

Perhaps you think you know everything that is required to draft a will, or the benefits of creating a trust; but with contentious probate on the rise, why not test your knowledge with The BP Collins multiple-choice questions to see if you need more expert advice.

Think for Themselves

Children live in a world where they follow our rules. Rules are there to keep them safe but following somebody else’s rules means that we’re not encouraging children to go within and work out what is best for them.

Remote Learning

“Remote learning is new to us all, but it’s an opportunity for our teachers to engage with families in ways that we may never have had the opportunity to do before.”

Insight and advice from St. George’s School, Windsor

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Whether you require legal assistance with issues at work, at home or with managing your private affairs, our experienced teams will guide you through the complex issues which need to be addressed at key moments in your personal life.

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